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Butcher, Baker Open Road Media ebook

I’ve been working with Open Road Media the past few months to (finally) get Butcher, Baker published in the ebook format. I’m proud that they approached us (meaning me and the estate of Walter Gilmour). I’m even more proud that they consider it a classic of the genre. Which, believe me, was not on my mind when the title was first published in 1991. (Yes, Virginia, 25 years ago.)

Since then, Butcher, Baker has been republished multiple times — which explains, in part, why it managed to inspire a motion picture (“The Frozen Ground,” starring Nicolas Cage and John Cusack). It’s a story with staying power. And an Alaskan story, through and through.

Now it’s an ebook. An EBOOK.

You can purchase your copy at one of the following fine booksellers:

  • Amazon Kindle edition
  • Apple iBooks (supports iPad and iPhone)
  • Barnes & Noble Nook edition
  • Google Play (supports Android devices)
  • Kobo bookseller (supports multiple formats, including the Kobo eReader)

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